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The Storm

The Storm

Written and Directed by: Djibril Keita

The Storm Still 1_1.25.1.jpg

STATUS: Post-Production


Short Film, 2021

Der Platz


Written and Directed by: Hunter Whaley


A German-born spy is stranded in Berlin during the waning years of the Cold War.


Short Film, 2021

The Silk Road

Written and Directed by: Ali Vil

The Silk Road

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A man suffering with depression is brought down from a ledge with the help from the secret lives of his tattoos.


Short Film, 2019

Fauna and the Beast


Reel Stills_1.81.1.png

Written and Directed by: Giovanni Alfonzetti

A young girl wakes up in the middle of the night and follows a mysterious light into a fantasy world where a monster lurks.


Short Film, 2018



Written and Directed by: Ben Orrifici

After breaking his much-needed glasses, 9 year old Noah struggles to save his hostage father from a home invasion to disastrous and comical effect.

Short Film, 2018

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Created by: Kris Issacson


2Some is an original comedy web series about two stay-at-home dads who become inseparable.  Created by Kris Isacsson.

There is a duality to the stay-at-home dad. On the one hand, he’s made peace with his household duties, strives to love and nurture the children, and wants to please his hard working wife who keeps long hours. On the other hand, he’s going insane and tends to drink a lot of alcohol. This is why George and Andrew fall for each other. They are both good men who want to succeed in being full time “domestic engineers”, but are haunted by the fact that they’ve indeed become full time domestic engineers. 

When we meet our guys, Andrew laments he can never do the kind of job his mother did in raising kids. George peps him up, but soon realizes Andrew is not living in reality. Desperate to escape being a stay at home dad and revive his dormant career as a comedy writer, he fails to realize he must embrace reality in order to survive it. George helps Andrew settle in to his dad duty through tough love, but inadvertently awakens something in himself. He realizes that abandoning his career in the music business to raise three kids while his wife became a top lawyer was great for the family, but deep down, it stifled his own sense of identity. And now, since meeting Andrew, that identityis rumbling to bust out. 

But it is truly their friendship that will keep them evolving, marooned together on the strange planet of domestic engineering.


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Episodic Series, 2018



Written and Directed by: Chen Yang

Reel Stills_2.4.2.png
Reel Stills_2.4.3.png

After two strangers meet each other at a bar they enter into a relationship that's built on white lies.

Short Film, 2018



Reel Stills_1.98.1.png

Directed by: Julien Sauvalle

A short video art piece set to Mozart's "Lacrimosa".


Experimental Video Art, 2017

Here at the Institute

Here at the Institute

Song by: Cru the Dynamic

Directed by: Richard Cohen


Music video for Cru the Dynamic's "Here at the Institute".


Music Video, 2019

A View from Moe's

A View from Moe's

Directed by: Kath Tolentino

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 10.58.37

A nonagenarian butcher reflects on his life and family business on Manhattan's bustling Elizabeth St. 


Documentary Short Subject, 2019

To Herself

To Herself

Written and Directed by: Vernon Jordan, III

Reel Stills_1.115.1.png

A young woman learns to overcome her personal hardships through writing.


Short Film, 2016

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