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Giovanni has been a Steadicam operator since 2021, after completing the Steadicam Operators Association workshop in Chester Springs, PA.


  • Tiffen M-2 Sled w/ Volt and SmallHD 703

  • Tiffen G-50x Arm

  • GPI Pro Vest

  • Walter Klassen Hard Mount

  • Gold Mount Batteries

  • Additional Kit:

    • Tilta Nucleus-M Follow Focus w/ Spare Motors, Cables, Batteries

    • Hollyland Mars400s: 1 TX, 2 RX


  • $800/day + $800/day for kit

  • 10-12 hours: 1.5x rate

  • 12-14 hours: 2x rate



Will work with your budget!

Contact me for more info.

License to Kiln

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